I’m a malneirophrenic clinomaniac.
Grew up in Europe but lived in or visited more countries than I care to remember only to end up locked in four concrete walls, drowning in apanthropy. Tone deaf, absolutely no sense of direction, useless with numbers but fascinated by them.

My head is filled with freckles, engraved seditionary papers, large size silk screens with some halftoned people being intimate, old, leather bound books, excerpts from Paradise Lost reverberating in my mind in the original pronunciation, mathematical, incorrect, beautiful formulas, crimson lit, black and white images, magic spells, pirate boats, skulls, bones and details acquired from countless hours spent on studying the minute differences in the various Minor Threat pressings.

In my free time I create little things using 19th century’s technologies.

Contact me through Instagram: @ravenxarmy
While you’re at it follow my best friend and my favourite artist @ter_ars_zawitkowska_  just because she’s fucking amazing…